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Cause Babies Don't Cry when Born

Hearing the crying of the baby during labor takes place is one of the happiest moments for the mother. But in some circumstances, babies can not cry when born you know, Mother. What are the causes? Check out the following review. When in the womb, the baby breathes through the umbilical cord that is connected directly to the mother's body. And after birth, the baby will use the lungs to breathe. Well, the baby's lungs will begin to expand to breathe when he cries when born. Reasons Baby Doesn't Cry when Born Normally, babies begin to breathe with lungs in the first ten seconds after birth. Currently, the baby is adapting to the environment outside the womb which is new to him. To help the development of the lungs, the baby will cry soon after birth. However, there are several conditions that cause a baby not to cry at birth, including: Asphyxia One of the causes of babies not crying at birth is asphyxia. This condition occurs when the baby does not get enough oxyge
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Do not worry, hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be overcome this way

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy is one complaint that is quite a lot experienced by pregnant women. Some pregnant women may not be bothered by this, but sometimes hemorrhoids that appear during pregnancy can cause discomfort. But pregnant women do not need to fret, there are several ways you can try to overcome this condition. Hemorrhoids are conditions when the blood vessels in the anal area are swollen. This condition can be identified by the appearance of a lump around the rectum that feels itchy, painful, and occasionally bleeding. Experiencing hemorrhoids during pregnancy increases the chance of pregnant women experiencing hemorrhoids again after giving birth later. Although generally occurs in the third trimester, hemorrhoids can also appear in earlier trimester pregnancy. What causes hemorrhoids when pregnant? The causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy varies. However, this is largely a result of the enlargement of the size of the uterus. During pregnancy, the uterus of the p

8 easy steps to prevent snoring

Snoring is a common thing some people do when they sleep. However, this condition can be a serious thing and affects daily life. At the time of snoring, oxygen supply can be reduced, so you are tired the next day. If not addressed, the time to sleep that should be used to rest, becomes not optimal. This Is What Happens When You Snore When you snore or snore, it means that vibrations occur in the roof of the mouth, soft tissue in the mouth, nose, or throat. When the flow of air into the tissues in the throat and experience obstacles, that's when the vibrations that make a sound occur. Interestingly, half of the adults have or regularly experience snoring. Snoring sounds that are created also vary, depending on the origin of the vibration. If the soft tissue that vibrates is behind the nose, it will produce smooth snoring. But if the palate is the palate and the back of the throat, it will produce a harder snoring. Snoring is caused by several things, such as obesity, drinking